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Ansteys Cove

Anstey’s Cove is a picturesque and popular tourist destination located in Torbay, UK. This stunning cove is nestled along the beautiful South Devon coastline and offers visitors a delightful combination of natural beauty, outdoor activities, and historical charm.

Upon arriving at Anstey’s Cove, visitors are greeted by a secluded pebble beach, surrounded by towering cliffs and lush greenery. The clear waters of the cove are perfect for swimming, snorkelling, and kayaking, making it an ideal spot for water enthusiasts.

The beach is also a great place to relax and soak up the sun, with its peaceful atmosphere and stunning views.

For those who enjoy hiking and exploring, Anstey’s Cove offers several scenic coastal walks and trails that provide breathtaking views of the surrounding area.

The South West Coast Path, which runs along the cove, is a particularly popular route for walkers and nature lovers, offering panoramic vistas of the coastline and the opportunity to spot local wildlife.

History enthusiasts will be fascinated by the remnants of the old smuggling tunnel at Anstey’s Cove, which harks back to the area’s intriguing past. The cove also has ties to the renowned author Agatha Christie, who was known to have visited the area and drew inspiration from its beauty for her literary works.

Visitors can indulge in a delightful picnic on the beach or at one of the designated picnic areas, or enjoy a meal at the charming beachside café that offers a selection of refreshments and light bites. Additionally, the cove is equipped with facilities such as toilets and a car park for the convenience of visitors.

Anstey’s Cove is easily accessible by both car and public transport, with ample parking available for those arriving by vehicle. The cove is also well-connected to the surrounding areas by bus, making it a convenient destination for tourists.


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