Americas Lane

America Lane pedestrian and cycle connections

We want to provide you with the opportunity to review and comment on proposals for improvements to pedestrian and cycle connections to America Lane, between Brixham and Churston (and the wider area).

Key proposals

The proposal will create improved leisure connections between Brixham and Churston (and beyond) for people on foot and travelling by bicycle.

The proposed improvements are part of a wider strategy to improve sustainable transport links across Torbay and to help to connect people with nature. The link will include:

Detailed proposals for each area are set out below.

Ecology and wildlife

Ecological surveys have been undertaken to ensure that the proposed route protects and enhances the biodiversity of the area, utilising an ecology-led design approach that improves wildlife corridors and retains existing habitat assets.

Key existing habitat features that will be retained and enhanced include:

A no dig path construction will be used in the root area of existing retained trees.

Further ecological surveys will be undertaken to ensure that construction works are timed to avoid harm to
protected species (such as reptiles, cirl buntings, badgers, bats, dormice and invertebrates) that may be present. The proposals will enhance the long term potential habitat for these species.

Churston to Brixham Cricket Club

Key features

View the map for more details of the proposed route from Churston to Brixham.

Fishcombe Cove Area

Key Features

View the Fishcombe map for more details of the proposed route in the Fishcombe area.

Have your say

We would like your feedback on the emerging proposals – and in particular your thoughts in relation to the following questions:

  1. Are there any constraints or issues along the proposed route that we have not considered?
  2. Do you agree that the proposed surface material (crushed limestone) is appropriate for this route (enhancing accessibility without introducing a hard surface such as blacktop).
  3. Do you have any comments on the proposed route alignment between Churston and Brixham Cricket Club?
  4. Do you have any comments on the proposals around Fishcombe?
  5. Please let us have any other thoughts or comments with regard to the proposals.

Please respond by email to by 1 May 2020.