Walls Hill

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A large green open space in Babbacombe, Walls Hill is a protected Site of Special Scientific Interest with the limestone soils providing conditions for flora and butterflies such as the Marbled White and Common Blue. The Calcareous Grasslands at Walls Hill are perfect for rare and localised plant species. Beneath the cliff is Long Quarry which plays an important role in the areas Geopark status.




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The scenery here is dramatic, and so is the area's history. The cliffs are Devonian limestone dating back 350-400 million years. The most precise estimate puts these cliffs at around 370-390 million years old. The cliffs form part of the English Riviera Geopark.

During the Victorian era, the limestone at Long Quarry was quarried and used to build the grandest houses and civic buildings in Torquay. Some of the limestone was of such a quality it was used for marble, which was loved by the wealthy Victorians who lived in the developing upmarket resort.