St Mary’s Park

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Situated at Higher Brixham, behind the church, is St Mary’s Park - an eight acre recreation ground, with hard tennis court, bowling greens, pavilion and open grass area suitable for activities like a casual football game. It is a pleasant park, which is well known locally.

At the far end of the park is a well-used children’s play area.


Play area

  • Carousel
  • Climber
  • Play panels
  • Slide
  • Swings - Junior
  • Swings - Toddler

Gym equipment

  • Air skier
  • Double air walker
  • Double cross country skier
  • Double rower
  • Double sit-up boards
  • Pull-down challenger
  • Push-up and dip station
  • Seated chest press
  • Seated leg press

Sports facilities


St Mary's was laid out in 1940 when what was then Brixham Urban Council purchased two fields to create the footprint of the park. The 1st June 2020 will see a special anniversary, celebrating the park being in use for 80 years.

There have been quite a few changes over the years; originally the park had a football and a hockey pitch, along with a putting green, whilst the putting green closed around 10 years ago and was seeded with wildflowers. St Mary's continues to be a popular park for visitors and locals alike.

The park is cared for by St Mary's Friends Group who help care for all elements of the park, including the wildflower area. Whilst the Friends Group is made up of volunteers who donate their time for free, additional funding to support the work they do is always welcome.