King George V

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A large open green space with bordering shrubberies and trees with a woodland to the north, adjoining Easterfield Lane green space, with a network of interlinking narrow pathways.


Sports facilities


King George V Memorial Playing Field in Torquay is one of 471 King George Playing Fields in the United Kingdom that are dedicated to the memory of King George V.

In 1936, after the king’s death, Sir Percy Vincent, the then-Lord Mayor of London, formed a committee to determine a memorial that was not solely on the idea of a statue. Thus came the playing fields with the notion 'To promote and to assist in the establishment throughout the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland of playing fields for the use and enjoyment of the people.' It continues to state that each of the playing fields would 'be styled ‘King George’s Field’ and to be distinguished by heraldic panels or other appropriate tablet medallion or inscription commemorative oh His Late Majesty and of a design approved by the Administrative Council.'

Money was raised locally to buy the land, with a grant made by the foundation. After purchase the land was passed to the National Playing Fields Association, (now known as Fields in Trust) to 'preserve and safeguard the land for the public benefit'. Land was still being acquired for the purpose during the 1950s and 1960s.