Hope's Nose

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Hope's Nose is a unique and significant coastal area of Torquay, recognised formally as a Site of Specific Scientific Interest (SSSI) and important for the Global Geopark status enjoyed by Torbay. As you walk down to the tip of Hope's Nose, you will have amazing views of Torbay to the South, and on a clear day, the Jurassic Coast to the East.




Hope's Nose is a key site for studies of Quaternary stratigraphy and sea-level change. A shore platform at 8 m is overlain by cemented raised beach, comprised of cobbles and boulders at its base, fining upwards into bedded sands. Blown sand an hillwash lie above. A similar raised beach occurs on the offshore stack of Thatcher Rock.

Hope's Nose is a fantastic location for studying the Devonian Limestone formations and the fossils contained within them. There is also the option to walk further around the headland to find a raised beach. The beach was formed during the last ice age and species of mollusc can still be found preserved in the beach sediments.