Cary Park

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Cary Park is 1½ miles north of the centre of Torquay and is made up of two large opens spaces with a range of activities available. Cary Park 1 (non-play) is an open green space park with a hedge border, gated entrances, and numerous large trees, ideal for dog walking. Cary Park 2 (play) is a large playground set within an open green space with play equipment.


Play area

  • Climber
  • Multiplay
  • Multiplay - Toddlers
  • Rotator pole
  • Seesaw
  • Slide
  • Spring rocker(s)
  • Swings - Junior
  • Swings - Toddler

Sports facilities


When you look at Cary Park today it is hard to imagine some of the events which have been staged there. In 1854 huge crowds attended the first Torquay horse race and there was a grandstand for the attending VIPs. A hazardous problem for the riders was a large pond, close to the church, and this became the downfall of many riders and they promptly fell in!

The park was provided to commemorate the Queen's Diamond Jubilee in 1897. The land was given by Robert S.S. Cary (hence its name) and was designed and constructed by the St Marychurch Local Board. Cary Park has been cared for and maintained by us since the demise of the St Marychurch Local Board. Cary Park, which gives its name to the conservation area, was laid out in the 1890s as a public park, become the focal point of development which took place largely between 1890 and 1915, but also with some inter-war infill – certainly later than that of St Marychurch itself. Robert Cary died in 1898 and the fountain in Cary Park was erected by his widow in 1903.