Bonsey Gardens

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Bonsey Gardens is a small formal seating area located off North Furzeham Road in Brixham. The view from this location is of Brixham marina and beyond. The area is planted with annual bedding which adds a delightful feel to the area.


  • Dogs


A huge amount of work has been carried out in consultation with the Friends of Furzeham Green and with the kind donations of local resident Mr Ron Pike.

An extensive planting scheme has been carried out with new roses, palms and herbaceous borders. The existing seats and railings have been painted and paths have been cleared.

In a book written by Ron called "You’ll do Ron Pike", there is a poem dedicated to the gardens:

Bonsey Gardens are as picturesque as can be, 
situated as they are on a cliff top, 
high above the Brixham Harbour, Marina and sea. 
One can sit on memorial benches to see the glorious views, 
watching boats enter and leave the harbour, 
to list the type and size of them would take some pages not a few. 

Turn your head to look at the gardens, 
at flowers and roses of many hues, 
as they come into bloom, 
then at surrounding lawns, 
well maintained and groomed. 

The feelings of tranquillity, 
that have so often been mine, 
can fill your heart with pleasure, 
supremely divine.