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Abbey Park and Meadows

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Abbey Park and Meadows is on Torquay Seafront. The meadow is a large open space used by all for events, games and picnics. The park itself is host to a range of activities, such as tennis and crazy golf; it also houses the Italian Gardens with its attractive pond with fountain and water rock garden. Renovation works have been undertaken throughout the last decade and it continues to be a well loved place enjoyed by locals and visitors alike.


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Torre Abbey built in 1196 with role including an abbey, family house, art gallery and attraction. Eight centuries of history have been absorbed into the very fabric of the building which is divided into 122 rooms, rambling over 20 different levels and with 265 steps.

In July 1910 a memorable event graced this space. Graham White made two flights in his bi-plane over the combined Atlantic and Mediterranean Home fleets which had been assembled in Torquay.

The Council, then known as Torquay County Council purchased the land in 1924 for $40,000. Today’s value would be £1,336,800. Abbey Park was developed in two stages. The first to be finished were the tennis courts in 1921, the venue for a Davis Cup match in 1924.